Securing financing through Athos International is not only easy, but cost saving as well. Our finance team will not only work hard to secure a number of lending options for you to choose from, but will try to find the best balance between points and interest rates that will work to your advantage. With Athos International working for you, you'll be presented with the most competitive rates with terms that are best suited for your business needs.

With points (interest rate charged as an up front service fee) and interest rates varying depending on the borrower's credit, often lending agencies will interchange the rates between points and interest based on the borrower's preference of loan repayment. Loan terms and interest rates can be tricky, and without the proper guidance a borrower can easily get locked into an extremely unfavorable contract. That's why Athos International will keep you informed and help you navigate through the process while at the same time providing you the option to decide what's best for you. At no time will we ever pressure you into something you're just not sure about.


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