Just because there's no actual card present, that doesn't mean your business has to pass up on collecting payment.
Regardless if you have a card in front of you or not, Athos International can help you choose any of our various processing solutions for your mail order or phone order business.
With Athos, you have the flexibility to collect payment via, fax, phone, or mail.



  • Dependable state-of-the-art network to ensure no down time and
    that your transactions are process securely at lightning speed.
  • Hassle Free Process
  • Fast Turn Around
  • 24 Hrs Funding (Deposit) Available
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Up To Date Technologies
  • In-House Personalized Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guranteed!



• Dial-up
• Retail and restaurant
• E-Commerce
• Check verification/guarantee
• Gift and loyalty
• Multi-application
• Fast thermal printer
• Clamshell drop-in loading design
• Small footprint
• User friendly features

Virtual Terminal

• Manage reports and transactions remotely via internet
• Major credit card, gift and loyalty card acceptance
• Automatic payment processing 24/7
• Remote data archive and back-up
• Manage data easy and securely

Athos International, Inc. is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA.