According to the Nilson Report on retail commerce in the US, gift/loyalty cards are the fastest growing payment system in the US over the last three years. That means gift card popularity is growing exponentially as businesses find creative ways for brand awareness and customer retention.

Gift Cards provide huge benefits to retailers such as early and revolving funds, guaranteed customer spending, repeat business, and increased in-store spending.

Loyalty Cards improve customer retention, encourage spending, repeat purchases through a points-based reward system, and at the same time you can obtain valuable data about your customer’s buying preferences by offering discounts and points towards merchandise.

Athos International not only can help you with gift/loyalty card solutions, but we can help your business increase its branding potential by customizing gift/loyalty cards. We can help design cards for your business that will continually build upon your brand while increasing your revenues by keeping remainder card credit in-store.


  • Increase average purchase
  • Drive repeat business
  • Track purchase behavior
  • Capture customer profile
  • Never give cash back again
  • Online reporting
  • Improve company image

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