Despite the huge gravitation towards to electronic payment, paper checks still play a large role in payment methods. To help avoid bounced checks and uncollected revenue, UFS has a variety of products and services such as check guarantee and electronic check acceptance (ECA).

With Check Guarantee, merchants can rest assured that all authorized checks will get pay for full check value in the event that it does not clear. In that way, all checks are guaranteed.

As for the growing popularity of Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA), merchants can convert checks to a paperless transaction by electronically moving funds from the customer’s bank account to the merchant’s bank account. Combined with Check Guarantee, this service delivers a streamlined check acceptance process that eliminates returned checks and returned check fees, while reducing paperwork and trips to the bank.


  • Guarantee funds
  • Eliminate collections
  • Eliminate bounce check issues
  • Eliminate trips to bank through direct deposit
  • Accept checks seamlessly similar to credit card

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