An access control system relieves you of the need to change locks and keys when an employee is terminated and restricts access to sensitive areas such as computer rooms, personnel, and tool rooms.

Athos International is an innovator in facility access and security systems, including proximity card access control, telephone entry systems, and time and attendance. Anything from keypads and fingerprint scanners to keycards, we can design a system where you are able to control an employee's access to certain areas of your facility, either permanently or on a timed schedule, and maintain a record of which employee entered a specific area and on what day and time.

From simple two door systems, to midsized applications, to advanced solutions for government, industrial and correctional facilities we provide end to end card access and other access control solutions.

Does your business have safety and security concerns for your facilities, assets, employees and visitors? Sensitive operational areas must be protected with an intelligent access control system and should provide access to authorized personnel but prohibit entry of unauthorized persons.


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