With retail business becoming overwhelmingly competitive more and more each day, business owners need creative ways to keep customers in-store. For customers who prefer using cash, but don't like carrying a lot of it, having an ATM dispenser can be the difference of having your customer leaving to grab some cash and not coming back again.

An ATM dispenser can increase customer retention by providing the convenience to access cash without having to leave your establishment, while keeping the customer's attention focused to your store. Athos International has a number of reliable ATM dispensers that you can choose from to fit your budget.

Athos carries the latest touchscreen technology, software and peripherals that are versatile in capability while being user friendly at the same time.


  • Attract new and retain existing customers
  • Income revenue from surcharge fees
  • A 24/7 employee with low overhead
  • Online account access
  • No monthly fee


Mini-Bank NH2100T

• Dial-up
• Small footprint
• Capacity up to 2,000 notes
• Design for high-end commercial buildings
• Best value solution for through-the-wall ATM

Monimax 5300

• Dial-up or IP
• Capacity up to 6,000 notes
• Design for reliability & flexibility
• Best ATM solution for value added services requirement
• Support optional automated bill-payment, stored value cards
and check-cashing service

Mini-Bank NH1800

• Dial-up or IP
• Design for reliability
• Capacity up to 4,000 notes
• Support Quick Pick Lotto software
• Best value in ATM solutions for the retail industry


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