Securing financing to operate your business isn't necessarily limited to loans, but can be achieved through leasing. Whereas a loan is a form of cash funding that allows you to acquire and own assets necessary to operate or grow your business, a lease the financing of equipment where the borrower is renting the assets. Simply put, a borrower shares no ownership or risks associated with ownership of acquired assets.The assets are owned by the institution providing the lease

With cash flow as a major factor in the continuity of a business, leasing has become a very popular and advantageous way of securing financing for equipment or operational assets. The benefits include, low to no initial cost, no depreciation, tax benefits, and off balance sheet financing. In addition, leasing allows you the flexibility to replace or improve outdated equipment. From complete write-offs to off-book expenses, Athos International will present to you all the advantages of leasing and how it can work in your favor.

At Athos International we'll help you decide what option is best for you. Whether it's a loan or taking the advantages of leasing programs, we'll sit down with you and provide you with the consultation you need to secure financing. Athos International has a number of nationwide and international leasing partners that can help you keep your costs low, while at the same time, help you acquire the equipment you need to help your business take off.


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